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Review Article
Inam Danish Khan, Rajiv Mohan Gupta, Sourav Sen, KS Rajmohan, Ashok Kumar Jindal, Anuradha Makkar, Fashiur Rahman Razi, Priyanka Banerjee, Pragyan Panda, G. Lakshmi Nair, Kanchan Kulhari, Shilpi Singh
Modern diagnostic and therapeutic procedures including advanced surgeries, organ transplants, and immunotherapy are pillared by antimicrobial therapy. Parallel to the rising incidence of infectious diseases, the menace of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) emerged worldwide. Developing countries are facing the brunt in epidemic proportions due to huge population, substandard ... read more
Review Article
Hansotto Reiber
The medical community fails dramatically in the understanding of chronic diseases and development of causal therapies. Statistical associations between vaccinations or infections and autoimmune diseases or a multitude of chronic diseases remains without any scientific rational. The Gulf War illness, with an unexpected high health risk (34%) ... read more
Review Article
Alireza Tahamtan, Javad Charostad, Seyyed Javad Hoseini Shokouh, Mohammad Barati
Vaccination has had great success in history of medicine with both infectious and non-infectious diseases listed in the realm of vaccines. The significant decrease in deaths from infectious and non-infectious diseases by development of vaccines has had a huge impact on the world health. Since the 20th ... read more
Research Article
Ahmad Azad, Rasoul Parsa, Aghaali Ghasemnian
Sleep deprivation, weighted road march combined with short term high intensity physical activities are important aspects of army ranger operations, which can lead to inflammation, muscular injury, and physical and shooting performance loss. On the other hand, animal and human studies documented that choline supplement relieves inflammation ... read more
Brief Report
Belg├╝zar Kara, Gamze Kaya
Patients with colon cancer are at risk of developing functional impairment. However, studies on functional status in this population are limited.The aim of this pilot study was to evaluate the functional status in patients with colon cancer and determine its association with sociodemographic and disease-related characteristics and ... read more
Case Report
Natalia I. Sidhu, Suresh J. Antony
Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE) infection of prosthetic joints is an unusual infection. When it does occur, it is difficult to treat, as treatment options are limited and often fraught with difficulties.We present a case of a patient with a VRE-infected total knee arthroplasty that was treated with a ... read more
Case Report
Mohammad Sadegh Masoudi, Fariborz Ghafarpasand, Shahaboddin Yousefi
Migrating intracranial bullets are a dilemma to neurosurgeons, as their management is challenging, and the removal process is associated with high mortality and morbidity rates. They are also associated with alterations in consciousness and focal neurological defects. We herein report a 40-year-old man with a retained intracranial ... read more
Farshad Najafipour