Reza Fekrazad, Katayoun AM Kalhori
Review Article
Hasan Obeid, Valentin Ouedraogo, Magid Hallab
Arterial Stiffness (AS) is of great interest in the prediction and the management of cardiovascular events. The evaluation of AS using 2 points of measurement of the pulse wave velocity was of considerable increasing interest in the early 21st century. This paper aimed at focusing on the ... read more
Research Article
Mehri Alaviani, Reza Parvan, Fattaneh Karimi, Saeid Safiri, Nader Mahdavi
University students are the developers of their nations’ future and make up a significant number of young people. The number of students is increasing as universities and higher education centers develop. Hence, paying attention to student’s physical and mental health is among the most important issues. The ... read more
Research Article
Majid Jafari-Sabet, Ali Baratian
Drug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa (P. aeruginosa) is among the most important opportunistic human pathogens that may infect military personnel during war by generating a broad range of virulence factors, the expression rates of which are firmly arranged by cell density-dependent cell-to-cell signaling called quorum sensing (QS).This study aimed ... read more
Research Article
Tirthankar Chatterjee, Debojyoti Bhattacharyya, Anilendu Pramanik, Madhu Sudan Pal, Dhurjati Majumdar
Manual load carriage is performed by Indian Army soldiers at different high altitudes (HA) in day to day operation. Such task puts extra stress on cardiorespiratory and skeletomuscular systems. A study was designed to find out the effect of electromyographic and cardiorespiratory responses of load carriage at ... read more
Research Article
Todorka G Vladkova, Iliana A Ivanova, Anna D Staneva, Madalina G Albu, Ahmed S A Shalaby, Tanya I Topousova, Anelia S Kostadinova
With the idea of exploring the biological activity of some newly synthetized chemical compounds and their combinations for development of novel antimicrobial collagen biomaterials, a serial investigation was initiated, starting with the preparation and biological activity study of Collagen/ZnTiO3 nano-composites. This serial investigation continued with the preparation ... read more
Research Article
Zahra Farsi
Professionalism is an important characteristic of professional jobs including nursing and medicine. Many professional values during the crisis are glaring.This study was conducted to explain the role of the Iran-Iraq war in the professionalism of healthcare disciplines based on the documented experiences of medical staff.This is part ... read more
Case Report
Inam Danish Khan
Animal attack is a major public health problem worldwide with mortality reported to the centre for disease control and prevention. In the United States, a person is more likely to be killed by an animal than from lightning strike. Wolves are apex predators and have attacked humans ... read more
Case Report
Mostafa Esmaeili, Azam Hosseini
Primary malignant melanoma of the oral cavity is a rare occurrence. This tumor, compared to other malignant tumors of the oral cavity, has higher tendency to metastasize or locally invade the adjacent structures. Its most common site of occurrence in the oral cavity is the palate followed ... read more

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